A Woman & her Coffee

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A Woman & her Coffee – Ink on Watercolor Paper 18″x 24″ I definitely need my morning coffee, please don’t ask me to do anything before I have my first cup. Most of the time my first cup of coffee is after my morning rush to work while I sit at my desk and sort through the […]

Sven & the Mermaid

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Sven & the Mermaid – Mixed Media 11″x 14″, Collage Paper, Watercolor, Ink Sven is my first cat, to be fair he’s really my Husband’s $5 Birthday cat, but he is my first feline. He is big, orange and fat, but my favorite. Unfortunately, I may be turning into a crazy cat lady, or at least […]

The Summer Fairy

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The Summer Fairy, Expecting – Mixed Media 11″x 14″, Collage Paper, Watercolor, Ink My friend Summer is about to pop! She is the first of my girl group to have a baby, and any day now we will have a beautiful little girl to fuss over (me fussing from afar since Summer resides in Portland, OR). […]

Mermaids & Cupcakes

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Mermaids & Cupcakes – Mixed Media 11″x 14″, Collage Paper, Watercolor, Ink This original was painted as a Birthday gift for my favorite Heidi. We worked in the same office for a time and would take our morning break and get tea and pastries from the Colville Street Patisserie. The pastries are the best I’ve ever […]

Monday Monday!

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Success! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a good Monday. Well as good as a Monday can be. This weekend was spent relaxing at the beach and working on the yard. We successfully completed our yard project, or the portion that we are going to do ourselves and it looks […]

Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday! I’m always glad when Friday rolls around, like most of the 9-5ers Friday is a good day. Yesterday, I left work early as I wasn’t feeling well. I spent the afternoon sleeping and went to bed early. As my co-workers have small children there seems to be a continual line-up of colds, coughs, and sniffles marching through […]

St. Augustine – Old Town

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. J and I went to St. Augustine, which proved to be a fantastic weekend get away with an abundant array of activities. In fact there were so many activities that I routinely fell asleep on the couch before 10 pm due to exhaustion. We left work on […]

Memorial Day Weekend – St. Augustine

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I am very excited to have a three day weekend coming up! As I am new to Florida I am attempting to get out and experience my new surroundings. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to visit somewhere new.  J and I are headed to St. Augustine, the oldest continually inhabited city in America. The cities’ background and […]


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  During the six months that J and I lived in China I painted a series of ‘Inked‘ animals. Which were inspired by a combination of Chinese lettering and the Guangzhou Safari Park. I’ve had this Rhino for a long time and have always wanted a bag with this print. They turned out great and […]

Weekend Painting – Iris

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This last weekend J and I decided to get away. We went to the beach to met up with his parents. I grabbed a few last minute ingredients for some tasty light meals (read minimal heat as it’s warming up here) and away we went! Pam and I both paint, though my media tends to be mixed and […]